How to Create Exterior Rendering in 3Ds Max

Architecture has everything pre-planned. But, the reality is that the real estate businesses are progressing due to the ‘Show-Business.’ That means, the buildings and the sites that have very beautiful visuals and a give a charm to the eye-sight, are sold easily. Plans are secondary, but the visuals are primary. Therefore it is obvious to create Exterior Rendering to mark the presence of extra-ordinary looking product. Not only the real-estate and property businesses, even from a pin to a dream car/dream house, everything that is bought by the consumer, the more chances of getting the product sold depends on its looks and outer feel. That’s where Exterior Rendering helps a lot.


Here is a brief about the proceedings in creating an awesome Exterior Rendering using the well-known master itself software 3Ds Max. Also, V-Ray, and many other lighting tools are also responsible for enhancing the look and feel of the exterior

  1. Open the application program for rendering the exterior. If objects are not created earlier to be rendered as they take place in exterior, they may require to be created first.

  2. Identify the assets and place them in the window. These are images, objects, brushes, etc. All of them are configured and a new scene is created.

  3. In 3Ds Max, find the textures and load them correctly. Image is selected and the dimensions are provided as data values in respective fields. This creates an object of a choice and with proper physical attributes. The 3D Architectural Design of the whole exterior structure is made similarly.

  4. All the objects and their textures are now ready. 3D model is created using the V-Ray and lighting is also a part of this model creation. The light settings and the reflections, shadings – all is done here. This gives a real-time effect and improved quality of the whole scene.

  5. Map of the whole environment has now become ready for applying the rendering technique. Import the V-Ray project in 3Ds max and the exporting properties are checked so as to make sure that there is no effect of dimension-change or texture variation.

  6. Lastly, there is nothing to do, but render the scene and export it with given format. This comes under the post-production phase of the rendering. Here, everything is collected and accommodated in a single element of rendered scene.


Comprehending a 3D Rendering of an Exterior is just that easy with 3Ds max, but requires a lot of creativity and power to experiment with all the tools given in the application program and V-Ray. Not only that, but more plugins and pre-rendered projects, templates are also available, that can be used to uplift the whole rendering process and save time.


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