Senses of Interior Designs.

As a human, we use all our 5 senses that are attached from the physical body to the brain neurons. In order to perceive the conditions around us. So to be able to attract customers and to design the interiors that are liked by almost everyone, the designers have to make the products and 3D interior Renderings appealing to the customer’s all 5 senses – they are – Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting and Feeling. Of course, it is a common sense that the interiors are not meant for making sounds, to produce smell and neither can they be tasted. Only one or two senses can be used.


Below are some of the examples of how we can use the customer’s 5 senses based on our experience:


  • Sight: This is the easiest sense to affect. The eyes when fall on any object gives a vision. And to attract this vision, there are numerous ways using which the customers are attracted. It is from using colours, changing the intensity of the lighting in the whole area, to simply make a good arrangements of the furniture, using empty spaces appropriately. When done correctly, creates a best ever visual sight.

  • Sound: There are multiple ways to affect this sense. Using perfect acoustic systems and architecture the echo to blow the ears. And Background music, even the sound around the people can affect perception. For example, younger people tend to be attracted to a place where they play upbeat music and crowd is present, while older people generally like a soft or classical music better. This is the way, the music sources are kept aligned.

  • Touch: The sense of touch is a very important thing when designing an interior. People will be more willing to touch something when they can try it first. For example, there are 2 shops that sell head phones. One of them allow customer to try it on the spot with security measures, the other forbid the customer to try the product and they can only see it. Which one of these two shop the customer would like to buy head phones from? Generally, people will choose the first one. This is why the sense of touch is an important factor in 3D Interior Design. And even getting to know the other textures and their feel.

  • Smell: There is an entire science to what’s referred to as “scent marketing”, with several studies and real-world case studies of global brands like Samsung, Sony, and Version applies it to their advantage. The reason being that smell is considered to be a fast track to the system in the brain that controls both emotion and memory, two very prominent factors behind why choose one brand over another. The interior designs are required to have fragrance which is liked by the customer. That’s why incense sticks and room fresheners came into existence.

The Cheesy Animation,

Ahmadabad, India



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