3D Exterior Rendering Techniques for Residential Projects

There are lot many tactics and practices available with designers and even the clients. For residential projects most of the time the clients asks the designer to fulfil the needs and sometimes the clients start teaching the designer that – do this, don’t do that, and stuff goes on. But, there are always certain areas for 3D Exterior rendering for residential projects which remain common between all the residential projects. The smallest example of it can be – is there any home where there is not a single room? No. and if it so, then it is not a home.

1 & 2 BHK Elevation cam (1F)f

Following are the practices that residential projects can be applied to create minimalist 3D Exterior Designs:

  1. The designers should always try to design a home that fits into the community of the clients and the materials are easily available for such a construction. This is because, the tougher the job, it is more avoided.

  2. Examine some of the homes in the area and then start the project so as to make sure that the other residents do not interrupt in what the designer is going to build in and to see if they have similar designs. If most of the homes in the area that the planning to build in, have a particular roof style or exterior, it would never be a bad idea to replicate the same in the fresh design.

  3. Most of the residential projects have window rendering difficulties. This is because the size and the position and style of the windows are not same every time. Therefore when rendering a design from the external the windows are just given the glimpses and not the grills. Therefore, closed windows are best suitable.


  1. Now a days, people install security systems in their homes. It is a must for the designer to keep an eye on it and therefore render the design for it also. In 3D Exterior Rendering design such a system may not be shown working but the area occupied and system needed accessories are always taken in to account and thus giving a security perspective visuals to the clients.


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