How Is 3D Interior Rendering polished?

Now a days 3D interior rendering helps interior designers to show their clients how their designs would look like when they will be completed. Few years back the architects offer their clients some concept paintings to give an idea of what the interior of their homes would look like, or provide them with sketch models. With computer rendering, the client can get a sense of actually walking through the finished interior.


The process of 3D rendering begins when designers takes the floor plans and convert them into a digital model using software like AutoCAD. Which was initially looks like a series of transparent wire frames and later fills with skeletal frames using textures that would simulate the materials they are supposed to be covered with, either cloth, plastic or steel. You can also go for a professional 3D rendering company for a more photorealistic look.

When the texture has been filled to the digital model, then lighting sets up which show from where the light is coming from and what type of light it is. They can even dictate lighting based on a particular time and day of the year. The digital camera is also set up to capture the scene from a stationary angle.

Interior rendering is a labour intensive process, and the number of labour involved depends on a number of factors. Like as if the more detailed the model, the more time it takes to create. To illustrate, it is easier to create natural images since the designer can easily draw from topographical data as reference. If they are creating blatantly artificial imagery such as electronic devices, it may take longer time due to the amount of detail involved. Once the designer has designed the image, software also take some time to create it and that is known as rendering time.

It is necessary for the client to know the factors that go into interior rendering, as it will affect the cost of the project as well the time to create it. You can also choose stock images from the library for background items to save time and money.

To bring the ideas of our clients into reality is not an easy task. But, Blitz 3D Design Studio do it as per the requirement of their clients. With the help our dedicated team of professionals who make it a point to bring the idea of their client into reality.

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